Of course!  You are hiring me to capture your event and provide photographs to you.  They are yours to keep and to do as you wish with them.  All I ask is if you like them, then spread the word about me please.  Spreading the word about photopher.com is the best compliment I can receive.

Do I have rights to the photographs?

Yes.  Prints, albums, enlargements and on all types of canvas options to choose from.  Printing is available via a secure web portal.

Do I offer pirnting services?

I guess it's not as easy to understand as I first had thought because I keep on getting this question. 

A blended mixture of Photography + Christopher = Photopher (Photo-pher)

What is Photopher?

Typically no, but I can and have.  Because this is not my career, my studio consists of a garage, backdrop and lights.

Do I do studio work?

Yes.  My pricing includes travel up to 30 miles.  Events beyond 30 miles are subject to a minimal travel fee.  Prices vary depending on location. 

I also travel to destination weddings,   Please contact for quote.

Do I travel for shoots?

Yes.  There is no image that doesn't get some sort of touch up by me.  They look best when edited.

Do I edit my photos?

High resolution edited photographs on a CD or flash drive.  You also receive a personalized secure web portal where you can download and share your photos.  Printing can be done from the portal as well.  With high resolution comes very large file sizes.  You can't put them on your phone without filling it up and much to large to upload onto Facebook.  Because of that, I create a "high resolution" and a "low resolution" folders.  The high is basically for printing purposes only.  The low is for emailing, storing on your phone and uploading to facebook.  Visually, you really can't see the difference, but if you were to print out a low resolution photo to a large size, then it would look grainy and pixelated.  A typical 6 hour wedding can range to about 250 - 350 edited photographs to keep.

What to expect? 

This has to be the most asked question. 

Weddings - Anything goes, it's your day.  I work around the lighting issues.

Engagement photos - I like to stay away from whites and very bright colors.  It can be difficult to work with in bright situations, but workable.  Most importantly, wear what fits your personality.  If only two or three people in the photo, then try not to match the same colors.  I like to see everyone with different color that compliment each other.

What to wear? 

Recommended times:

Typical wedding - 6 hrs

Engagement photos - 2 hrs

Please contact for other events to discuss.

I don't book events close together, so I typically can stay longer after the event, if requested.

How much photography time should I get? 

I've been behind a camera for over 20 years.  I've been through film, polaroids, point and shoots and now DSLR's.  Like most people, it starts off as a hobby and escalates from there.

What most people don't know about me is this is not my main source of income.  I've been in the IT field for 20 years as well and I'm not looking to change careers.  I do this because I love photography.  With that said, most of my availability are weekends.

How long have you been in photography? 


about ME

My name is Chris.  I was born and raised in and around Red Sox Nation. Now, my family and I call the Raleigh area home, and love it.  There are a lot of great photo locations here.  I have a Wife and a 2 year old Son who’s had a camera in his face since he was 5 seconds old.  Needless to say, he's quite photogenic.

Photography has been in my life for over 20 years, but I don’t do it for a living.  I have a full-time career as an IT professional, and I’m not looking to change careers at this point.  I do photography because I love it.  I've been through film, Polaroid, point and shoots, and now DSLR.  I have passion for all types of photography.  Whether it is capturing a special event, creating something of my own, traveling to foreign countries or snapping that candid. There's always another moment to be captured! 

Passion is the motivation that makes me wake up at ungodly hours to place my camera at precise moments to create appealing, joyful and sometimes majestic photographs.  Creating new artwork is just a small part of my photography.  I also like to capture weddings, engagements, family and children portraits. 

If I had to give one word to my style of photography, then it would be “natural”.  I don’t like to add filters or change the colors to my photographs.  I do edit all my photographs, but mostly to improve the natural color or increase contrast and sharpness to make them pop. The clean and natural look of them will remain the same.  I shoot until the final result matches what I had for a vision or until I have captured the way my clients want to be portrayed.   I provide my clients direction to some interesting and creative photo ideas, but I like to keep my client’s involved and I encourage client suggestions.  I show my clients the photos from my camera during our session because it keeps them out of the dark of how their photos are coming out.  It also promotes excitement and confidence for future shots within the session.  I like to keep my sessions light and fun.  Warning, I may crack a joke in the middle of the shoot to provoke that “real” laugh or smile and snap away without you knowing.

There are no rules in photography. My photography style may not be for everyone and that’s fine. Granted, photographers can be very expensive, but budgets are important as well and usually persuade people to choose a certain photographer over another.  You can get the most expensive photographer in the world, but if you don’t like his or her style, then you’re not going to like your photos.  So take the time to pick someone that is within your budget and fits your style that you are looking for.